Monday, November 23, 2015


These are photos taken by me from my office window. A mammoth crowd of youths have taken to the streets on motorcycles, tricycle and on feet, in protest for the release of the controversial Nnamdi Kalu, Biafra Activist. They are matching with the Biafran flag, and carrying plaque cards that read slogans like "No Biafra No Peace" "Release Nnamdi Kalu" etc. Several of them are carrying photo prints of Nnamdi Kalu and chanting some words as they match.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

Sundays are so special for us Christians, especially Nigerians. So you here phrases like 'sunday rice', "church wear", "sunday stew" etc. I remember when i was a little girl. I basically grew up in church. All my friends were all in the children church. In fact my entire social life revolved around church. Sunday services were a must, Wednesday services were absolutely compulsory, while Friday and Saturday rehearsals were most especially mandatory we looked forward to these church days like our lives depended on it... more after the cut