Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sunday Inspiration

Sundays are so special for us Christians, especially Nigerians. So you here phrases like 'sunday rice', "church wear", "sunday stew" etc. I remember when i was a little girl. I basically grew up in church. All my friends were all in the children church. In fact my entire social life revolved around church. Sunday services were a must, Wednesday services were absolutely compulsory, while Friday and Saturday rehearsals were most especially mandatory we looked forward to these church days like our lives depended on it... more after the cut
My mum will not hear word each time we had to go to church until has either provided our T-fair or asked our driver to drop us off at church. Those are great memoirs from my childhood. I must say that those days helped to frame the lady i have grown to be today. The bible admonishes that we should train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. This is one of the eternal truths of the Word of God. Having been exposed to the word of God early in life, even while i was a student at secondary school and at   university, i never missed Sunday services and even mid week fellowships. The fear of God was just resident in my heart at all times despite peer pressure and all that was going on around me.

These days i watch with gusto, the excitement evident in the eyes and voice of my children as they share the church activities they had with me. We as parents are mirrors our children look through. Do what you want them to learn to do in front of them, and never do what you do not want them to do, in front of them, because these angels are great emulators. Research have shown that most children carry their childhood experiences into their adult life and most times, have similar marital/ relationship experiences as their parents. They see us parents as their role models.

Wives do not disrespect your husband in front of your children, rather create a sense of respect, mystery and intrigue around you husbands. Make your children not to commonize their father, else when the time for a sterner voice of discipline is needed you may have nobody they respect enough to listen to and to stir them in the right path.

Husbands, you should also respect your wives, don't raise your voice at her in front of your children or in the public. The pedestal on which you place your wife is where and how others around you will treat her. Commonize her and others will aid you. Respect her and the same respect people accord you will also be accorded her. Two have indeed become one. You become a reflection of each other. Remember you have become one flesh, so everything you do to your spouse, you actually do to your own self. This is also one of the eternal truths of the bible.

Above all else, most battles of life are won in the place of prayers. Talking to people especially the wrong ones, about your issues is not the solution, in fact your may find yourself in a deeper dilemma, but talking to your Maker is the ultimate wisdom. He made you and as well as everyone around you, so He, the Ultimate Fixer can always fix whatever it is.

I hope i have been able to talk to the heart of someone through this piece.

Cheers! Love You Guys! Ciao!
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