Monday, January 25, 2016

Free Study Grants For Virgin Girls In South Africa

A Southern African Region last Friday announced its the launching of her new grant scheme for girls who remain virgins all through their university years. This has triggered an outrage amongst some human right groups. More after the cut...

The spokesman Mkhomza stated that the beneficiaries of the grant will be subjected to regular virginity tests whenever they come hone for holidays, and the bursary will be withdrawn from anyone who fails the virginity test.
The director of POWA- People Opposing Women Abuse, Nonhlanhla Mokwena expressed the shock of the group that young girls are being tested before they can access bursaries. Stating that it was their rights that are being violated and the fact that it is tax payers money that is being used to violate these girls and it is against the constitution. Many South Africans from poor families rely on government grants for their university education.

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