Friday, April 22, 2016

YUPB Style Corner: YUPB Best Pre-Wedding Photo Shots

Getting married is no longer just about traditional and white weddings! No no no... far from it! Continued after the cut

First comes the proposal, then the  engagement party or ceremony or pride price/dowry, then the wine carrying ceremony, followed by the pre-wedding photo shots, then the pre-wedding dance video shots,  after that comes the bridal shower, then the bachelor's party(in fact I hardly hear of bachelor's parties again, when the guy has almost spent all his money who wants to party again, we rather crash the bridal party Abeg! Lol), and then comes the big day, the church wedding, then the after wedding party(bride must wear a show stopping evening dress remember?), and finally comes the baby shower! 

Dehnmm the guys that got hitched between 2008-2014 are just so lucky!
For the guys hoping to propose this year, may God strenghten you and your pockets!!! Iseeee!

Now back to business, here are some of the best pre-wedding photos I have seen so far. Enjoy, and my beautiful ladies make sure you don't carry last when he finally pops the question!
Under water theme.

Riding a canoe
Alighting from a private jet
Military style
Hian! I don't understand this one o. Okay maybe 'Till death do us path' theme.
Okay melodious theme 
Flying in love theme (lol)
Still flying in love! Lol
Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Well Angelina and Brad are still hitched till date)
Ike nsi  (shitting) theme  LMAO! Hahaha

Village Garri frying theme. Hahaha see concept o!
Traditional Music Theme.

The infamous Friends theme!
Chopping kiss theme 
Na wa oo this guy is strong sha.  Exercise mood theme
King and queen theme. Royal theme.

Pinging theme. Odi kwa egwu!

Papa and mami water theme! Hahaha lol
Playmate theme.
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