Monday, February 22, 2016

23 Years Old Man Rapes and Murders A Beatiful Lawyer That Allowed Him To Stay In Her Home

31 year old City lawyer, Elizabeth Nnyanzi, was attacked, raped and strangled to death by 23 year old Peter Kibisu, a BMW mechanic, who was lodging at her family’s 600,000 pounds home in London.

Elizabeth, who studied medicine at Imperial College London before switching to follow in her father’s footsteps as a lawyer, lived in the house with her parents and two sisters. She was killed in her bedroom in August 2015 by Peter, who she referred to as her cousin.
The killer who faced a judge on Jan. 7th, and now facing life behind bars, admitted in court to raping his close friend, Elizabeth, who went Cheltenham Ladies’ College, before strangling her to death while she was home alone. He was arrested a day after the murder.
He pleaded guilty to both murder and rape and has been put behind bars.
Elizabeth was originally from Uganda.
Source BBC UK
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