Thursday, November 3, 2016

YUPB Foodie Corner: How To Make Coconut Oil and Coconut Flour

1.Separate the hard shell from the flesh... 
    2. Cut i to small pieces like sugar cubes
    3.  Then grate or blend using a blender.....add water to get enough coconut milk out
    4.  Use the regular fine textured sieve and a cloth sieve  like a scarf  to seperate chaff from milk water     
     5. Then leave in a covered plastic for 24 hrs
     6.  The water will separate from the milk
     7.   Scoop the floating milk and put in a pot
     8.    Then cook under very low heat.The oil will separate from the milk as the milk turns Brown.. careful not to let it burn sha
9. Then sieve again ....use a tea strainer over a small funel with a small piece of filter cloth over the strainer.


1. Simply dry the coconut flour
- in your oven on slow heat so it does not burn
- in a large tray outside in the sun
- or buy placing the chaff in a big pot cover and placing that big pot cover on top of a smaller pot that contains a little water (so that the steam can graudually dry the chaff)
2. When completely dry...blend the chaff into fine powder by using your blender's dry mill.

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