Tuesday, December 13, 2016


Read the statements from top Guiders of MMM
"THIS IS FROM MMM Nigeria NUMBER ONE (1) Guider - Chuddy*

"Hi Mavrodians, As we all must have seen in our PO of the news on Mavro frozen for a month.*

This isn't the first of its kind. It happens when their are excess PANIC in the system

It was placed on Zimbabwe and after the duration it was lifted.

This idea is brought forward to Calm the members down on intending Threat the FG and Mass media has planned on the system.

It doesn't mean that their is no more money in the system because in my PO now as a guider, I have about 2million+ PH orders. And I know it would be like that in most Guiders PO too. So you see!!! Money to pay out the orders wouldn't be a problem.

But the Admins needed to apply measures to sustain the growth of the system. In order to fight issues that may arose as a result of Massive PH already this xmas.

Issues like

👉 Uploading of Fake POP

👉 non confirmation of orders and the rest.

So this is the best strategy to put FG to shame.

We all need not panic as our money is in safe hands. Check out your Mavros and you see your money is intact both for 30% bonuses and 20% accrued bonuses

You can keep PHing if you have the money, though you will definitely not be matched until Mavros are unfrozen. But that will really go a long way for you as your PH made this December will surely be giving you extra 20% after paying out next year.

No cause for Alarm

*We live to expect a stronger MMM by January 14th, 2017*

*Guider Chuddy*"

From another top MMM Guider

"Due to the festival period, everyone would want to GH even those that their money is not yet due.

For this reason, MMM has frozen all GH and PH orders.


1. MMM will be able to implement all the necessary upgrades before the mavros are released

2. Any money that you PH now will be growing by 50% and you won't even be matched to pay because nobody is GHing

3. This is the best time to PH and relax since you won't be matched to pay

4. Your old mavros are still going in the system 😀

5. Your money has been saved for you. GH will be allowed in January and everyone will be happy again.

6. There is enough money in the system to be ghed in January. No need for panic

7. If you have depending Gh or Ph order, kindly fulfill it.

8. If people GH this festival period, there will be high rate of fake pop, unconfirmed payments due to network issues, and some people might not be able to meet up with payment cos not all banks can be easily located in remote villages[for people traveling for Xmas].

For those that depend on this for Xmas, We should try and understand that this is for the best.


In my view, I don't think there is any cause for alarm. More over people get to save the money they would have spent this Christmas period.

According to a CNN report, MMM has reduced the impact of the present recession in Nigeria on the people by 20%. I strongly believe MMM will come out better and stronger by January.
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