Monday, January 26, 2015

MUST READ: Adulterous Extra Marital Affairs


Adulterous Affairs Don’t Begin with Sleeping Together; they begin with inappropriate friendships. more after the cut..Friendship and emotional attachments with people of the opposite sex can spell danger for your marriage. Protect your marriage by avoiding private communications and intimate conversations with people of the opposite sex. Beware of workmates who seem too concerned with your personal private life; those that tell you “let me know if you need anything.” Beware of those that give you exaggerated and suggestive compliments about the way you look. Regardless of what is happening in your marriage don’t give the Devil a foothold in your marriage by falling victim to this trap. Let your workmates know there are things you won’t tolerate. Keep a healthy physical, social and emotional distance between you and people of the opposite sex. - Isaac Kubvoruno

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