Monday, January 19, 2015

Nikki Laoye: Don’t Sleep with Every Tom, Dick & Harry. Men Respect Women who Wait to Have Sex

Gospel singer and philanthropist (she owns a charity called Angel For LifeNikki Laoye has spoken to the press a few times on her and her husband’s joint decision to stay virgins until marriage.
She recently gave Punch her general thoughts on sex as well as why she and her husband chose to wait.
Nikki Laoye
Nikki Laoye at the Headies, December 2014

Men Respect Women Who Wait
“It is worth waiting for and the man would respect you because he knows that you could have slept with every Tom, Dick and Harry but you decided to wait.”
Why She Waited
“I did not just want to be jumping from one man to another. It is often said that once you pop the cherry, you can’t stop and I did not want to deal with sexual issues while I was dealing with my life and education. I also did not want to get pregnant, so I told God to help me.”
You can read the full interview on Punch.
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source: Bellanaija
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