Thursday, February 4, 2016

Cancer Ridden 7year Old Gets To Sit In An Airplane As His Last Wish Before He Dies.

This is one of the most disheartening news i have heard in A while. 
A cancer ridden young boy who has been left to die by parents as he has been suffering from a protracted case of cancer and his parents have given up on him to die at home, as they can not afford the medical bills the young boy had been acquiring and have ironically rebuffed all attempts by well meaning Ghanaians to assist.

According to Yen Ghana
''A cancer-stricken boy, who has been told by doctors that he may die anytime soon after his parents failed to fund his treatment, has made one last wish before his death.
The boy who has been suffering from a protracted cancer and has been told by medical doctors that nothing can be done to save him, asked nurses of an undisclosed major hospital in Accra to drive him to theKotoka International Airport so he can sit in a plane before his date with death.
The nurses granted his wish and drove him in an ambulance to the Airport where he had the opportunity to sit in a Delta Airlines flight and took photographs with the cabin crew.
According to the nurses, parents of the child are fed up and depressed and are only awaiting the young boy’s death.
According to information picked up the boy was kept at home because the parents could not afford the cost of the treatment.
Several advances made by benevolent citizens to help the young boy have been turned down by the parents.''
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