Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Senator Hope Uzodinma Allegedly Infects Man's Ex-wife With HIV

The photos as shared by Ekenulo

 A man, Godwin Ebubeagu Ekenulo, accuses a distinguished senator in the 8th National Assembly,  Hope Uzodinma, of  infecting his wife with HIV

– The man has also filed a lawsuit against the senator due to the death of the his wife after she contacted the deadly virus
When Ekenulo’s ex-wife died, he took to his Facebook page to write an open letter to the Senator. Read thge content of the open letter below:
This is to inform you that Chief, lolo, Ezinne, Mrs Ukachi EKENULO AKA HON UKACHI AMAECHI Whom you infected with HIV VIRUS, deceived her out of her marriage, with fake promise to marry her is DEAD; isn’t her blood on your head?
The photos of senator Uzodinma, Ekenulo’s ex-wife and how she was buried…..as shared by Ekenulo
How do you feel that in the recent years, 2 married women and one other single girl you were meddling with and dating, have died of illnesses arising from HIV complications??
Recall the suit I filed against you in federal high court Lagos sometime ago on this vexed issue of infecting ukachi with HIV VIRUS which I didn’t pursue further following the intervention of certain common friends of ours but with the demise of ukachi arising from HIV/ AIDS and kidney complications I may have to return to court , if not for any other thing, for the world to know how ukachi’s journey to death , a wicked death ,a shameful death, a premature and painful death started in your hands.
Furthermore , with the no nonsense type of federal government in place by President Buhari, I may have to petition IGP to bring you to book following all the attempts you did made to kill me for speaking out against your sordid affairs with my then wife ukachi and exposing the fact that you don’t have a genuine WAEC certificate.
Only in a sickening and terribly corrupt country like Nigeria can a notorious 419 kingpin like you ,a man who lack sufficient personal integrity, a man who claims to have a fake masters degree, a man who claims to have obtained HND from FUTO owerri a university not established and accredited by NUC to run HND programs, a wicked and demonic man like you can find himself in the senate through a fraudulent and criminal electoral process.
I am consulting with my lawyers !!”
Friday, January 29, 2016 was the day Ekenulo’s ex-wife’s was buried and he also took to his Facebook page to add to his claims. He said:
lying cold and still in this gasket,taking her last respect from her colleagues in plenary at Imo state house of assembly complex owerri.
Whether God shall punish or not,the man rogue senator hope uzodinma who destroyed her, who denied her the dignity of marriage; Who cut her life short, who murdered her when he wickedly infected her with HIV/AIDS time shall tell.
Those who spread HIV /AIDS are nothing but murderers, mass killers of the people! Those who support and condone evil and murder of this type are also murderers who will not escape the wrath of God at the appointed time. ADIEU”

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