Wednesday, February 3, 2016

YUPB Foodie Corner: Nigerian Ora/Oha Soup

It's mid week already! Yay! Hope u re having a good time at your job or wherever you may be right now. It's a no-court day for me here, so I decided to share the recipe for the soup I just made for my family.
 It is Oha soup, mainly an Igbo soup, though it has found its way into most of the Nigerian homes with slight variations and adaptations, irrespective of tribe or culture.
Isn't God wonderful?
Food is one uniting factor we have in my beautiful country Nigeria, because we love to explore and experiment with different dishes.
Here we go! For a tasty pot of Oha or Ora soup depending on how you pronounce it, you will need:
1.2 bunches Oha leafs (picked off the sticks and cut in bits with your fingers. Pls do not cut with knife)
2.1 Cup finely chopped Uziza leaf
3.10-15 medium-sized ede (coco yam) boiled and pounded or blended in a food processor.
4. One table spoon of Uziza seeds
5. Assorted meats, beafor chicken
6. Stock Fish (opkoroko)
7. Dried Fish
8. Smoked Fish
9. Crayfish
10. Bell Pepper (ata rodo)
11. Yellow Pepper  (Ose Nsukka) if it        is in season.
12. 1 wrap medium Ogiri
13. 1 small okpeye
14. Salt to taste and beef seasoning cubes (I am an ardent knorr lover, but I just started using the Master Chef pack of seasoning cubes my mum in law gave me and I am beginning to have a paradigm shift! Lol! They taste so good in all my dishes. You should try them out too.)
15. Red oil
16. Satchet Onga soup seasoning

Oya lets cook!

Step  1;  Boil your assorted meats and opkoroko with seasoning cubes and salt to taste. (My pressure pot has got me sorted. Cooks for half the time, saves gas and time too. Abeg no time joor. Plus my favorite telemundo program comes at dinner cooking time. Lol)

Step 2; Blend your crayfish, pepper, uziza seed, Ogiri, opkeye with little water in your blender or food processor to a smooth paste.

Step 4; Once meat is cooked, add more water to the pot, if the water has dried up and re-adjust the taste with salt and beaf seasoning cubes and Onga soup, then add your blended ingredients, together with your dried fish, pounded ede and red oil.

Step 5; allow to cook, till it takes up a mustard yellow colour and the soup has thickened. (Tip: if your soup fails to thicken and you have run out of ede, achi or food thickener you use, you can substitute with corn flour, just mix 3 table spoon full with half cup of water and add to your soup. It does the magic! Ejado! In P-Square voice.)

Step 5; Add your washed and drained oha and uziza leafs. Lower heat for a coupleof minutes and take off the burner.

Step 6; Serve with your choice swallow. I used Samvita for mine, very smooth and soft too.

Oya,  Bia lie nu ni...
baa kwo mi...
wa je nwu o... Lol cheers!!!
Hope I got the languages correct. Come and eat kpomkwem!!!
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