Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Dasuki Vs Metuh

Oh my! When will Nigeria change. Dasuki a Muslim and Hausa politician, who is the main culprit in the 2.1 million dollars arms deal walks majestically into Abuja high court, while Olisa Metuh an Igbo, Christian politician, and publicity secretary of PDP, whom Dasuki fingered as having collected 400 million naira from the lump sum was pushed into the court room with his hands cuffed. More after the cut...

Did I forget to mention that Dasuki who resisted arrest by the EFCC arrived the court in a 2015 mint Prado SUV while Olisa who personally went to the EFCC on invitation was bundled up in a pick up van to court.
Even the bail conditions on Dasuki 's release were more liberal than Metuh's.
What's that cliche again ' Nigeria' SMH

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