Wednesday, January 20, 2016

YUPB Foodie Corner -Vegetable Salad and Chicken Yam Porridge

So i have been out of data subscription for days now. Got back up last night and this morning I decided to go through my mails. Scrolling down, it was all series of boring mails  (Yawns) Just when I was about closing my mail box.  It caught my adsence No reply.... then I clicked. More after the cut...

Oh my! by now my heart was already pounding in anticipation.
'Gosh! This Google people again. I wonder what the excuse will be for not approving my blog for adverts this time. Well whatever they like sha let them do. I will keep writing on my blog cos I like to joor! Mtcheeww!' I thought these in split seconds. Lol
Just then the mail opened and it said. '....congratulations your adsence account has been approved...'
My oh my! Say Whaaatttt???
I jumped off my bed and danced and a jig! Just then my last baby woke up and in his tiny adorable voice, was like
'...hip hip hip!!!'
I chorused 'Hurray!' He went on and on until I gave him a perk on the cheek and said 'I love you baby and mummy is so happy' and he gave the most innocent and cute smile.
This is something I have been applying for since like two years ago. Boy am I elated this morning! So rejoice with me folks! You made it happen! God be praised! It's my year of Spreading from Glory to glory!
Ehen! Back to the post at hand, in line with the spirit of celebration this morning I want to share with you this sumptuous meal I and my house hold have been enjoying for a while now. I choose to call it
Vegetable Salad and Chicken Yam Porridge.
For this dish you will need
Chilli Pepper
Green Pepper
Yellow Pepper
Green Beans
Ghana pepper (very little)
Spring Onions or Red onions
Seasoning cubes
Salt to taste
Benny or any chicken seasoning
Ginger and garlic

Now let's cook...
1. Peel yam and cute in cubes to desired sizes and leave in water so it doesn't change colour depending on the species of yam you are using.

2. Steam your chicken seasoning with ginger and garlic paste, curry, thyme, Ghana pepper, seasoning cubes, chicken seasoning and salt to taste.

3. The cooking time depends on the species of chicken you are using. I personally prefare to use Old layers or Parent stock Chicken for this dish. So the meat don't go breaking to pieces.

4. While chicken is cooking cut all your veggies into desired shapes and sizes.

5. Add 2 cups of water to the chicken after 10mins and re-season to taste. Then pour your yam into the pot with the chicken and cook for about 10 more minutes or until your yam is tender.

6. Pour your chopped veggies into the pot and stirr under low heat. Put off your burner cos u don't want those veggies too mushy.

7. Serve hot with pieces of chicken. I bet you kids love this dish so much just ensure the pepper isn't much. It's also a good way to get them eating more veggies too.

8. Voila!!! Food is ready! Thank me later and please I would love your feed back on this. Enjoy beautiful family!
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