Wednesday, January 27, 2016

YUPB Foodie Corner: The Miracle Vegetable Called Tomatoes.

 Tomatoe is a highly nutritious vegetable whose nutritional content is very beneficial for our overall health. 
This very luscious fruit or vegetable as you may wish to call it can be enjoyed in many ways. 

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Health Benefits of Tomatoes

1-glowing healthy skin
2-long and healthy hair
3-reduces chances of prostrate cancer in men because of its beta carotene content.
4-can be used as facial cleanser.
5- healthy heart
6-long and strong nails and so much more. These are just the few ones off the top of my head right now.

Ways of Enjoying Fresh Tomatoes

-It can be eaten in a bowl of fresh vegetable salad.
It's juice can be extracted with a juicer.
It can be juiced with other fruits like pineapples, water melon, apples, strawberries etc.
-It can be eaten as a stand alone sider, with a handful of your choice nuts e.g. peanuts (grandnut), almonds or cashew nuts.

Ways of Cooking Tomatoes

-To get all the nutritional benefits of tomatoes, it is best boiled rather than fried. Boil blended tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and pepper till a thick consistency is gotten then pour in your well spiced meats, and your regular stew ingredients and you are good to go. Fresh and healthy stew for you and your family! Can't remember the last year I fried stew in my home. #TeamBoil! Lol.

-Incorporate tomatoes in Nigerian staples such as vegetable soup, vegetable stew, egusi soup, yam pottage, moimoi, beans etc.

That being said, this is tomatoe season in Nigeria. A full huge basket I hear goes for between #1,500-#2,500. #3,000 max. I just got a paint bucket full of the fattest, plum, very red and delicious tomatoes I have seen in a while, and I am so going to get more.
Fruits are best eaten in their season. So you can go to the depot where tomatoes land from the North and buy one full basket, blend with onions, ginger, garlic and pepper, boil to a thick consistency, and then store away in your deep freezer. To use, defrost small portion, boil well spiced meats and cook in the tonatoe past.
This miracle of nature vegetable won't be this cheap and this plum and red for long. Get yours now! Lol

See chart for the nutritional benefits of tomatoes below♡
Tomatoes, sliced, raw
1.00 cup
(180.00 grams)
Calories: 32
GI: very low
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